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Most worthwhile typing of my name into a search engine in a while


Off to Germany and Switzerland for some money.

7th  - Djazz - Duisburg, Germany
9th  - Bad Bonn, Dudingen, Switzerland
10th - TapTab MusikRaum, Schaffhausen, Switzerland
11th - KOMMA Kultur, Esslingen, Germany
12th - Zurich, Switzerland

At present these are just a bunch of words in the screen I am looking at. Shall see if they turn into anything else.


 Wynn could write pop songs —  “The Girl Who Looked Like Bobby Gillespie” is an example of that — but he might not be able to title them, so maybe it’s best that he’s doing what he’s doing.

Good Shoes For Bad Knees

I am playing a gig in Brussels and a gig in Dewsbury in May.

The dates are to the right of this.

Tomorrow I am going to Glasgow to buy some new footwear as I have buggered my knees.


Guitar music is shit


March 13th - Rammel Club @ The Chameleon, Nottingham
March 17th - Latest Music Bar, Brighton
March 18th - Cafe Oto, London
March 19th - Club Burrito, Canterbury



Album gubbins out on Harbinger Sound 7th of March. It's called "Singles - but they're not really singles, I just sent them to the screen and said they were singles " Singles by Mark Wynn. 

Pre-order ::

A nervous, new John Cooper Clarke or Sleaford Mods sans proletarian vitriol and arsed by half, this London storyteller is all Cockney and random guitar strumming. You’re sucked in and along for awhile before you realize you’re not sure what he’s on about, but by then it’s too late. Seems to have a mess of releases, unbeknownst to Letters until now.